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Shellevator replaces most back-breaking heavy lifting oyster aquaculture operations with your fingers. Simply open valves on a manifold that connects lift tanks under the oyster gear to a compressed air source. Compressed air pushes water out of exhaust ports at the bottom rear of lift tanks. Shellevator rises effortlessly by the bow emerging oysters above the sea surface in seconds. Closing the valves holds air in the lift tanks and keeps the Shellevator floating; desiccation accomplished without getting wet or touching oysters-gear! This easy access above the sea surface also facilitates other operations such as density reductions and harvesting. When it’s time to return to the grow position, the valves are opened. Air in the lift tanks exhaust through the manifold into the atmosphere allowing water to flow in through the exhaust ports. This simple patented method sinks Shellevator stern first assuring complete air evacuation. Shellevator has no submerged moving parts to break and provides unparalleled reliability.

Simply open valves, no equipment needed, and Shellevator sinks out of sight, secure and hurricane ready.

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Air bubbling out the stern exhaust ports signals that all the water is exhausted and time to close manifold valves to maintain desiccation position. Above surface access to gear facilitates operations like density reductions, harvest and seamless relocation.

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Shellevator rising: A 1200 watt compressor moves 80 cfm of air through a manifold floating 20,000 oysters in under a minute for less than a penny of electricity.

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