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      Automation replaces manual heavy lifting for essential operations


Density Reduction




  • Size scalable for greater economy

  • Current prototypes 10-times higher capacity than other system units

  • Ship-size units possible

  • Durable construction

  • Bolted robust metal structural members patterned after catamarans for decades of service

  • Other systems rely on flimsy wire components that corrode and easily deform needing replacement every few years

  • Bandwidth of operation not limited by water depth or wave energy

  • Yield per unit area increased by 3-D growth to use more of the water column

  • Hurricane ready

  • Infrastructure optional

  • Escape harm seamlessly

  • Safety

  • Quality


Replaces manual heavy lifting for essential operations

It can be sunk below the surface or raised in less than a minute by turning two valves


                                                      Shoreline Restoration
Shellevator™ block waves and accrue sediments that protect and build shorelines. When lowered to  the grow position on the seafloor, Shellevator™ become immovable due to its weight and wide footprint. A pontoon Shellevator™ that is 8 feet wide and 20 feet long weighs over a ton and has 160 ft² footprint; 8-times more than manually operated gear.

Shellevator™ can be strategically deployed along existing shores or be an integral part of multifaceted restoration project that are both living shorelines and working waterfronts. They could be operated as partnerships between residents, displaced wild oyster harvesters, NGO's or others to generate income. In shallow areas like the western shore of Mobile Bay where I grow oysters, Shellevator™ occupy most of the water column and absorb tremendous wave energy and accrue sand on the lee side building intertidal islands.  Shellevator™ portability allows them to be seamlessly repositioned to maximize restoration

The Shellevator can be strategically positioned to supplement shoreline restoration projects or provide an additional enhancement and protection of any shoreline. A working waterfront with a living shoreline; a marriage made in heaven.

                                                    Fish Attracting Devices (FADs)
Watching four generations and four years of
Shellevator™ production of oysters, it’s hard to imagine a better fish attracting device. The three-dimensional gear spacing whether in stacks of trays or arrays of wire cages creates protective habitat for smaller fish to hide from bigger fish while bags or trays holding oysters are great habitat for all kinds of flora and fauna like shrimp and crabs. Although my water depth is usually less than 3 feet, I consistently catch fish over 3 feet long. In fact, I’ve caught over 500 red drum over 36 inches since I establish my oyster farm in 2014 and most since deploying shellevators in 2017. Other big fish like Bull Sharks, black drum jack crevalle and good-eating fish as well as speckle trout and flounder have made many memories with my guests. Shoreline enhancement and Fish attraction at immeasurably to the environmental benefits of growing a valuable food.

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